Dec 30, 2017

​Cool project creating ripple/vortex wall for BRIGHT Netflix film. (Elf character made by Special Effects.)

Feb 10, 2017

Disc Golf Meets Sculpture. Skulboy Sculpted Basket Bases: Fistful of Chains and Basket of Doom.

Art Of   Duncan "Skulboy" Crawford

Jan 19, 2018

​Blood Roots sculpture for Coinjoined 8 show at Copro Gallery.

June 19, 2015

Worked with some very talented people to 

bring to life the characters of Battleborn

For the 2K display at E3.


Feb 17, 2015

Working on sculpting speed with quick-sculpts for Simon Lee/Spiderzero's advanced sculpting class. Here is double figure WIP.

Sculpted with Monster Clay.

​Dec 23, 2014

​Spent over 5 months In Vancouver working on Night At The Museum 3. Was part of a very talented crew and got to sculpt some cool stuff.

At right is a polystyrene Triceratops skull that was carved to look like a fossil. The final version can be seen in the film rampaging through the British Museum.